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Rental Items

We have a variety of rental items available for your ceremony and reception.  Contact us for details on rental quantities and additional services such as set up and strike of your event.  As a courtesy to our clients, if you are on our full service package, you can use certain rental items free of charge for your event.  Ask your planner for details.

Don't see what you are looking for?  Contact us!  We may have it, or have a source to get it!

Ceremony Arbor & Pillars

Looking for a beautiful arbor to go with that gorgeous setting for your outdoor ceremony?  Our portable arbor measures 8 ft. wide in the front, 4 ft. deep, and is 8 ft. tall; plenty of room for your officiant and the couple.  Can be decorated with fabrics and florals to make your ceremony uniquely your own.  (Yes, we can do that for you - ask us for pricing on decorating)!

Pair with our two 4 ft. tall pillars and our two 18' tall pillars to create a lovely space for your florals.

  • Arbor rental                          $ 125.00 (includes set up)

  • 4 ft. tall pillar rental            $   75.00 for the set

  • 18' tall pillar rental               $   50.00 for the set

gina ceremony arch.JPG
eba lanterns.png
eba lanterns.png


Whether you are looking for lanterns to add to your guest tables as a centerpiece, or to add a elegant touch to your aisle or garden pathway, we have three lantern styles to choose from.  Add our 3" or 6" battery operated candles for a beautiful glow, or florals for a pop of color.

  • Large Silver Lantern rental                          $ 3.00 each

  • Large Gold Lanterns rental                          $ 3.00 each

  • Small Sliver Lantern rental                          $ 2,00 each

  • 3" or 6" battery operated candle rental     $ 2.00 each 

       (includes batteries)

eba lanterns.png

Cylinder Vases

We carry a large stock of cylinder vases.  Choose from 6", 8", 10" or 12 " heights.  Use for centerpieces, bouquets, submerge flowers, float candles, add submersible lights, glass beads, ribbon - the possibilities are endless!  Ask us about how we can customize these vases for your event.

  • 6" tall cylinder vase rental                           $ 2.00 each

  • 8" tall cylinder vase rental                           $ 2.50 each

  • 10" tall cylinder vase rental                         $ 3.00 each

  • 12" tall cylinder vase rental                         $ 3.50 each 

melissa Head table.JPG
low bowl and mirror.jpg
low bowl and mirror.jpg

Low Bowls and Mirrors

Looking for a simple, inexpensive centerpiece?  We carry a large stock of low bowls and mirrors.  Float flowers and/or candles, add submersible lights, glass beads, surround with votives, etc.  Ask us about how we can customize these bowls for your event.

  • 12" low bowl  rental                                      $ 2.00 each

  • 14"  beveled mirror rental                          $ 2.00 each

low bowl and mirror.jpg
cube vases EBA.JPG

Cube Vases

Looking for a unique centerpiece?  We have cube vases.  You can use them just as you would a round vase, OR double them up to create a flower and  sliced citrus look for your summer wedding. Ask us about how we can customize these cube vases for your event.

  • 6" cube  rental               $ 3.00 each

  • 8"  cube rental               $ 4.00 each

eba misc rentals 2.png

We have many other rentals available.  Contact us for quantities available.  Here some of our most popular rentals:

  • 4" Tulip vase rental                                    $ 1.00 each

  • Round facetted votive holder rental    $ 0.25 each

         (candles NOT included)​

  • Ivy chandeliers                                             $25.00 each

  • Crystal chandeliers (plug in)                $150.00 each

Misc. Rentals

eba misc rentals 2.png

Misc. Rentals

Looking for frames for a picture display or signs for your aisle with the positive phrases from  Corinthians on them? Need a customizable card box?  Need classy customizable table numbers?  We can help!  Contact us for available quantities, and ask about the cost to customize these items to match your vision.

  • Picture frames (holds 6 photos)                 $25.00 each

  • 'Love is' aisle signs from Corinthians       $  2.00 each  

          (OR rent all 12  signs for $20)

  • Laser cut card box rental w/lock & key     $ 10.00

  • Table number holder rental                          $ 1.00 each                                                                              OR 6 for $5.00

  • 35" Shepherd hooks rental                             $ 2,00 each (hang aisle florals)   

eba misc rentals 2.png
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